In the last few weeks we have witnessed a lot of unimaginable things unfolding in the ruling party Zanu PF. Indeed shocking and beyond imagination but guess what its real. Two days ago Rugare Gumbo was suspended from the party and l learnt he cannot conduct party business for the next five years. Shame! l believe the same fate greeted the Jabulani Sibanda the war vet chairperson. Quite a number of provincial chair persons were equally affected the same way.

My thoughts to fellow Zimbabweans are that the time you have been praying for is  about to click on. Remain patient, focused and continue to pray. God is wonderful and He does things at his own pace and time. The new Zimbabwe is dawning



  1. More is unfolding. See this:
    Vice-President Joice Mujuru hits back
    November 17, 2014 in National , News, Politics
    UNDERFIRE Vice-President Joice Mujuru yesterday hit back at
    her critics who have been pushing for her ouster on allegations
    of corruption and plotting to topple President Robert Mugabe,
    saying the allegations were untrue and highly defamatory.
    Zerubabel Mudzingwa
    Mujuru, who is spoiling for a fight, said she would not throw in
    the towel as demanded by her detractors, vowing to continue
    serving the ruling Zanu PF party in any capacity she would have
    been elected to presumably at the forthcoming December
    elective congress.
    Her response came after many of her perceived allies, among
    them party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, war veterans leader
    Jabulani Sibanda and seven provincial chairpersons, have been
    booted out of office in the past few weeks over allegations of
    sympathising with her and decampaigning Mugabe and his wife
    First Lady Grace Mugabe.
    Mujuru in a statement last night also threatened to take legal
    action against senior party officials and the State media for
    tarnishing her “good” image.
    Part of the statement read: “To you my fellow citizens, I say
    that I, Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru, am here to serve the people of
    Zimbabwe, and the party Zanu PF, that I have always been a
    member of.
    “No amount of malicious, hurtful and false statements about
    me, my late husband, my family, children , associates or
    business interests (real or imagined) can deter me from the
    mission at hand, that is to assist His Excellency President R G
    Mugabe in driving the social and economic programmes of his
    government to successful fruition.
    “In so doing, I will forever be guided, by due process, and
    respect the Constitution of Zanu PF, and the Constitution of the
    Republic of Zimbabwe.”
    She added: “I believe that I carry a national responsibility as
    Vice-President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, and that it is my
    duty to stay above partisan politicking.
    “However, I have an equal obligation to you and His Excellency
    the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe RG Mugabe, to only
    serve this nation, if I am and remain fit to do so. I regret that
    certain persons have elected to make false, unsubstantiated,
    malicious, defamatory and irresponsible statements about me,
    solely for the purpose of engineering their widespread
    publication in all forms of media across the world, and bringing
    the ruling party, Zanu PF (“the Party”), the government and the
    President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, into disrepute.”
    Mujuru said: “There has also been an unconstitutional call for
    my resignation and/or removal from BOTH Party and public
    office, on the spurious grounds that I am ‘corrupt’, ‘a gossiper’,
    ‘demonic’, ‘jealous and divisive’, ‘inept’ and ‘[that I am] unfit for
    consumption by flies and dogs’.
    “In the interests of party and in keeping with its established
    protocol, I have previously chosen not to issue any statements.”
    The Vice-President said she had been jolted to respond
    following an article published in The Sunday Mail yesterday,
    claiming that she was also involved in a plot to assassinate
    “However, today, the 16th of November 2014, The Sunday Mail
    newspaper, in its banner head line story, has accused me of
    “I am accused of being involved in an attempt to overthrow the
    legitimate Zimbabwean Government led by His Excellency, the
    President and First Secretary of Zanu PF and Commander-in-
    Chief of the Defence Forces, RG Mugabe. This allegation is
    wholly untrue and cannot go unchallenged, in the national
    interest,” Mujuru said.
    She added that she had decided to break her golden silence and
    defend herself “for and on behalf of all current and future
    national leaders who may face the same problem in future.
    “I deny any and all the allegations of treason, corruption,
    incompetence, and misuse of public office being routinely made
    against me in The Herald and The Sunday Mail newspapers. I
    have briefed my legal practitioners to take the necessary steps,
    at law, to restore my good reputation, political standing and
    dignity. I stand ready to defend myself before the party, and in
    any court of law on any of the allegations made against me, at
    any time, in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe.”
    Mugabe’s lieutenant, who last month was ordered by Grace to
    resign or face public humiliation at congress, yesterday said:
    “Leaders are elected by the people to serve the people. I am an
    elected servant of the people of Zimbabwe and as such, I can
    only serve this country in any capacity, when elected by the
    people. Unbridled ambition, misplaced self-righteous adulation
    and hubris, offends the Lord, and can only lead to the ruin of
    the person(s), and the party and therefore Government.”
    Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Investment Authority chairman Nigel
    Chanakira yesterday dissociated himself from allegations that
    he was at the centre of a planned “palace coup” to topple
    This follows allegations by the State media that Chanakira and
    Zanu PF Mashonaland East chairman Ray Kaukonde were
    leading a cliqué of businesspeople who were financing an
    elaborate plot by Vice-President Joice Mujuru to unseat
    The Kingdom Bank founder took to microblogging site Twitter
    to defend himself, saying he had not been afforded a chance to
    comment by the weekly The Sunday Mail.
    “What disgusting lies? I am shocked that The Sunday Mail can
    print such nonsense, when I have been outside of Zimbabwe,”
    Chanakira wrote in response to questions whether he was
    complicit in the affair.
    The two were accused of pinning their business hopes on
    strategically advancing Mujuru’s agenda.


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